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One-On-One Coaching

Private coaching provides a uniquely challenging yet supportive environment to focus completely on you and your goals. Imagine the luxury of having a partner that holds your agenda as the top priority providing both encouragement and accountability. Whatever goals you have for yourself; having a private coach supports you to achieve what you want much more quickly and successfully.
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Group Coaching

Join or create a group of  like minded individuals for coaching and support. Groups not only offer an affordable alternative to private coaching but also the synergy and multiple perspectives only a group of peers can offer. Our participants have found motivation, guidance, inspiration and real friendships.
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Seminars & Workshops

A variety of programming ranging from one hour presentations to a weekend retreat, live events generate energy and opportunity for a in depth look at a variety of topics. Julia has a fun and interactive style that will get you thinking and moving in the right direction.  - Read More